Adult Indoor Soccer Leagues

Competitive or Recreational Men’s, Women’s and Coed Leagues

South Austin  (512) 280-2244 Upcoming Seasons
Monday Men’s 4 and Men’s 3C Feb 24, April 27
Tuesday Men’s 2 and Coed Int. March 3, May 5
Wednesday Men’s Over 30 (also Thurs.) March 11, May 13
Thursday Women’s March 12, May 14
Friday Coed Beg. and Int. April 3, June 12
Saturday Men’s 3B March 7, May 9
Sunday Coed Beg and int. April 12, June 21
Lakeline  (512) 940-4025 Upcoming Seasons
Monday Men’s 2, 3 and 4 Feb 17, April 27
Tuesday Men’s Over 30 A, B, C and D March 31, June 9
Wednesday Men’s 2, 3 and 4 April 1, June 10
Thursday Women’s, Coed and Men’s 4 Feb 7, April 17
Friday Men’s Over 30, Coed Beg. and Int. Feb 21, May 1
Saturday Men’s Over 40 March 28
Sunday Coed Beg. A, B and Int. March 22
Live Oak  (210) 598-0131 Upcoming Seasons
Monday Men’s 3 and 4 March 23, May 25
Tuesday Over 30 and Open 7v7 March 24, May 26
Tuesday Open 4v4 March 31, June 2
Wednesday Men’s 2 Feb 19, April 22, June 17
Wednesday Women’s 7v7 March 25, May 27
Thursday Over 35 and Women’s Int. Jan 23, March 26, May 28
Friday Coed Jan 17, March 20, May 22
Saturday Men’s 3 Jan 25, March 28, May 30
Sunday Coed 4v4 Jan 26, March 29, May 31

Grab some friends and put together a team!

Whether you’re a retired soccer pro, a weekend hack or somewhere in between, if you love soccer, SoccerZone is your place! Join us for a high-quality soccer experience—competitive or recreational—in our Men’s, Women’s and Coed leagues.

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Day of the Week* League
Monday Men’s 2/3/4
Tuesday Men’s Over 30 A/B/C/D
Wednesday Men’s 2/3/4
Thursday Women’s, Coed Intermediate, Men’s 4
Friday Men’s Over 30, Coed Beginner, Intermediate
Sunday Coed Beginner A/B, Intermediate

*Rescheduled games may not be on your league day.

Day of the Week* League
Monday Men’s 3, Men’s 4, and ACC 4v4
Tuesday Men’s 2 and Coed Intermediate
Wednesday Men’s Over 30 B/C
Thursday Women’s and Men’s Over 30 B/C
Friday Coed Beginner and Intermediate
Saturday Men’s 3B
Sunday Coed Beginner and Intermediate
Every Weekday at 11:45 pm Men’s 3C Late

*Rescheduled games may not be on your league day.

Day of the Week* League
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Men’s 1/2/3/4
Tuesday Men’s Over 30
Thursday Men’s Over 35
Thursday Women’s Rec
Friday Coed Intermediate
Friday Coed Recreational
*Rescheduled games may not be on your league day.

More Ways to Play!


Looking for something fun to do? Drop-In at SoccerZone and join one of our pick-up soccer games. It’s fantastically fun and fast-paced. Players compete in a series of games with players rotating on and off the field. The vibe is friendly and fun – yet competitive.

Invite your work colleagues for some team bonding. Gather your indoor or outdoor team to join the fun. Or just drop by and make new friends. And what better way to end a rousing round of friendly competition than by enjoying a round of ice-cold beer after the game?

Please call ahead to confirm field availability.

Contact us for days & times

Phone Number:  512-940-4025

Or check out the new TamsTams sign-up system.

Contact us for days & times

Phone Number:  210-598-0131

Indoor Soccer

Call ahead for 3v3, 4v4, and 6v6 field availability.  Or check out the new TamsTams sign-up system.
Phone: 512-280-2244


Call ahead for basketball court availability.
Phone: 512-280-2244


Call ahead for pickleball court availability.
Phone: 512-280-2244